Dale Myer - Electrical Contractor

California Electrical Contractor's License #676850

Corporate Electrical Contracting License #869418

California Corporation #2803347

Dale Myer

                                Data Center Site Environment Troubleshooter & Airflow Distribution Specialist and Energy Efficiency Specialist

                                Mr. Myer retired from Hewlett-Packard Company as a technology consultant after 26 years of service. He is nationally known as a data center site environment troubleshooter and airflow specialist. A California state licensed electrical contractor since 1993, and 25+ years of field Hewlett-Packard customer service, Dale can handle unhappy customers and get them back in business quickly.   He has also learned the tricks of the trade in the relatively new enegry efficiency or "green" arena. As a Bloodhound handler for 15 years, Dale can sniff out any problems and track down the solutions for your electrical problems and maintenance needs.

                                Dale Myer, Data Center Site Environment and Airflow Specialist & his bloodhound, Cal

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