Dale Myer - Electrical Contractor

A division of Technology Infrastructure Consulting Group

California Electrical Contractor's License #676850

Corporate Electrical Contracting License #869418

California Corporation #2803347


                                About Dale Myer - Electrcal Contractor


                                Founded by Hewlett-Packard retired data center electrical and environment specialist, Dale Myer, Technology Infrastructure Consulting Group is a network of high tech specialists that left the corporate world yet still need to remain employed. Dale now works solo as a licensed Electrical Contractor/handyman under the TICG umbrella.


                                With the changing economy, there have been less calls for high tech work and many requests for things from simple repairs to prepping distressed homes for estate sales. Ask Dale and he will tell you he'd rather not commute to Silicon Valley when he can stay local and play with power tools.


                                While electrical work is Dale's main focus, he can offer services like fence and gate repair, painting, sheetrock repair, termite damage repair, plumbing and property clean-up and restoration as a handyman. Dale is currently studying to take the test to add general class B to his license so you know your handyman is licensed and insured for misc repairs that may go over the dollar amount limit where a license is not required.


                                Our goal is to provide economical advice and service to our customers while constantly seeking creative new ways repair the unusual problem and adapt to the needs of local property owners to foster customer loyalty and good will. We want repeat business! We can and will work with you or your staff and external partners to achieve solutions. We are flexible and innovative when it comes to finding the most reasonable solutions to your repair and maintenance challenges. We are a bit "old school" as we recognize and value the personal level account relationships built over time which is an attribute many larger companies have lost.

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