Dale Myer - Electrical Contractor

California Electrical Contractor's License #676850

Corporate Electrical Contracting License #869418

California Corporation #2803347


Typical Dale Myer Services


      Electrical Installations and Repairs

      While Dale's focus is electrical, especially troubleshooting strange problems, he is also keenly aware of "lack of" maintenance type situations that, if left untouched, will lead to expense repairs down the road. This includes wood portions of structures in contact with soil, lack of foundation seismic bracing in older homes etc. Dale can produce written reports listing items that need attention and their relative priority. Allows you time to time to prevent expensive repairs and avoid "Section 1" items if the property is for sale.


      Energy Efficiency
      There are many large scale energy effiiciency tools on the market in the data center arena. Dale has been trained and certified on data center energy efficiency and brings that knowledge to the residential structure level by evaluating ways to cut home power consumption.


      Odd Jobs and Custom Construction

      Dale has been involved in many unique repair and construction events in the last few years including solving mystery drainage problems, fixing beyond repair electrical panels that other contractors refused to touch, hardwood floor restorations, security lighting, repairing termite damage, pool equipment wiring, security lighting and seismic bracing.



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